Why are we different? Our magic lies in a unique combination of skills and experience.

15 years

More than 15 years working in the sector


We have extensive international experience


We work with the latest technologies and methodologies


We have a deep love and respect for the city of Madrid and its traditions

We know how to do business in Madrid and how to achieve excellent results

Our approach is tailored to the unique needs and objectives of each client. We are happy to discuss how we can help you achieve your real estate goals.


We can help you with whatever your needs are in the commercial property market


Our experienced consultants are at your disposal to advise you on all aspects of buying, selling, and leasing commercial properties. We will accompany and guide you through the entire process.


Thinking of investing in commercial real estate? We have the experience and knowledge of the real estate market necessary to advise our clients and provide them with the best investment opportunities.


For brands looking to expand their network of outlets, our team are experts in working with national and international brands to provide strategic advice and help them make the right decisions on the implementation of new openings.


We manage the real estate portfolio, providing objective advice, taking on the work of asset management and helping to maximise the return on investment.

What about the name?

We get asked a lot about the name. Well, there is a common saying here that goes “De Madrid al Cielo” and it means that people love this city so much, that the only place they would move to from here is to Heaven.

It often doesn’t make sense when you first hear it, but when you’ve been living in Madrid for a while, it resonates more and more.

And on the 28th?

All postcodes in Madrid start with 28, a code that is burned into the minds of every taxi driver, resident and real estate agent in Madrid.

That's Cielo28


We are a versatile team with a shared vision on how to create value for clients.

Verena Garcia
Verena Garcia Nieto
Antonia Wigström
Patricia Conde-Salazar


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